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Jun 13, 2016

The Power of a Major Donor Model


ANAO_MajorDonorValueProgramThink about this and see if it doesn’t convince you of the value of a major donor model to identify prospects on your donor database. These are actual numbers from one of our clients.

  • What are the odds of any donor reaching major donor status?
    • About 1 in 1500
  • What are the odds of a donor with a net worth of $1 million becoming a major donor?
    • About 1 in 900
  • What are the odds of a donor whose first gift is $100 or more becoming a major donor?
    • About 1 in 400
  • What are the odds of a donor with an Analytical One’s top major donor prospect score becoming a major donor?
    • About 1 in 4

Any questions?

December 31 Emails

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Giving (SPAM) Tuesday

This year, the whole Analytical Ones’ team tracked our the number of emails we received from organizations, how many we received, our relationship with the organization (active donor, lapsed donor or new donor acquisition), and, when we received the email. Here is...

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Fake Polls

Polling is getting a lot of attention today. Bad attention. This is the second election cycle in a row where the polls were pointing towards a solid win for the Democratic Presidential candidate, but the actual vote went the other way. We call the issue is called...

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