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Jul 21, 2020

The People Behind Nonprofits: Introduction

From the Salvation Army to Habitat for Humanity, nonprofits have become household names, and for good reason. They possess the time, resources, and ability to do the work that so often falls through the cracks; feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and fighting global warming (to name a few). In reality though, the money and resources don’t appear from thin air. The important work done by nonprofit organizations is only possible, because of committed staff, volunteers, and generous donors. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you are currently (or hope to eventually) work for a nonprofit, with a nonprofit, or are well versed in the field- so the importance of donors is evident. Simply put, they’re the reason you’re still working too. 

While donors care enough about your cause to donate, I would suggest that very few donors really grasp exactly how nonprofits function. Moreover, who exactly are the people running these nonprofits? After all, they are the ones taking donors’ money and (hopefully) doing some good with it. 

Analytical One’s objective is to leverage the data that nonprofit organizations collect from donors so that the organizations can optimize their fundraising performance. We seek to provide a spotlight into the inner workings of nonprofits by speaking with executive directors, nonprofit fundraising experts, and industry specialists to bridge the gap between those who are doing the work and those funding the work. They discuss everything from the personal, educational and career choices that led them to nonprofit work, to the surprises they’ve encountered along the way.

Whether you’re interested in working with a nonprofit or just want to learn more about the industry, perhaps this blog will provide some context and insight into nonprofit work and the people behind it. 

Fake Polls

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A Few Mail Flag Best Practices

Over the years, there are a couple of reoccurring mistakes that nonprofit organizations tend to make. One of the mostly costly are legacy “no mail” or “restricted mail” flags. One day, no one usually knows when or why, a donor gets flagged as “no mail.” And then, it...

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Right Tools for the Right Job

Goodness gracious. Are you serious? Apparently in UK, COVID19 cases were under reported due to an Excel limitation on the number of cases in a database. Lives are at stake people! Use the right tools of the trade. And even when lives are not at stake, use the right...

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