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Jul 29, 2020

Some Good News for a Change

I think few would argue that thus far, 2020 has been memorable for all the wrong reasons. However, while we all may be struggling, charitable donors have been very generous in the first half of this difficult year.

This month (July 2020) we analyzed donor files of nearly 30 organizations representing a variety of causes including food banks, missions, public media, advocacy and environmental.

One analysis looked at weekly revenue and measured the year-over-year (YOY) percentage differences, overlaid with some 2020 news headlines. The results are in the graph below.

From January until early March 2020, weekly revenue was basically flat over the same period in 2019. Then in mid-March, about the time the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, weekly revenue took off compared to the previous year, peaking in mid-April at over 150% higher.

The weekly difference continued to be strong in May with revenue about double the previous year. Then in June, about the time of the George Floyd protests and COVID-19 resurgence, we start to see weekly revenue returning to last year’s giving levels.

How donors will perform during the second half of 2020 is anyone’s guess. However, I am encouraged as thus far, donors in this country have looked beyond themselves in this very troubled year and have really stepped up to the plate to support their chosen charities.

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