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May 17, 2016

Dual Channel/Schmual Channel

Google the term “dual channel donors” and you will get a plethora of websites stating the virtues of cultivating donors via multiple channels. Some of this information is all myth.

We’ve recently done several analyses on dual channel donors, and here’s what we found:

  • They are a lot more valuable than single channel donors, but you already knew that. That’s partly because by definition they are two gift donors. But even when you control for that, dual channel donors are still give more than a donor giving 2 gifts in one channel
  • But here’s the thing, dual channel donors are as rare as unicorns. In any given year, only about 3% of your file give in two or more channels.
  • Most surprisingly, the year after they convert to dual channel behavior, most of these donors revert to single channel giving. And they are equally likely to be offline only giving the following year as online only.

So, rather than focusing getting donors to give in two channels, which I think is a waste of time, concentrate on making it super easy for her to give in the channel of her choice.

Right Tools for the Right Job

Goodness gracious. Are you serious? Apparently in UK, COVID19 cases were under reported due to an Excel limitation on the number of cases in a database. Lives are at stake people! Use the right tools of the trade. And even when lives are not at stake, use the right...

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Fall Forecast 2020

I’ll start with the obvious: No one knows how this fall’s fundraising campaigns will do. We are at in a turbulent time. Global pandemic. Rising unemployment. Stimulus checks. Divisive election. World powers butting heads. Us analyst rely heavily on past data to give...

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The People Behind Nonprofits: Part Three

Interested in pursuing a career in nonprofit operations management? Here’s what experts in the field think you should know: It’s not enough to just be passionate about the cause. The nonprofit sector also needs business-minded people who excel at their jobs and are...

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