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Mar 10, 2014

Optimizing the Demise (Part 5)

Boomers - People of Different Races and Older Age

This may be the final post in our five part series of how to Optimize the Demise, but it’s not our final suggestion for improving your fundraising program.  Be sure to subscribe to our feeds or sign up for our email news to receive more actionable insights.

And if you missed part 4 of the series, click here.

  • Use telemarketing to convert low value (annual values of under $100) Boomers (age 68 and younger) to EFT based micro-sustainers. (This doesn’t work well with your older donors.) This is a great way to improve retention and decrease future cultivation costs.

This idea won’t change the course of the direct mail trend. But it will buy you some time while we are all figuring out the next big thing.


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